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  1. SB-ULR-WR

    Universal Learning Remote Control SB-ULR-WR


    Universal Learning Remote Control for all SunBriteTV models is water resistant and runs on long-life lithium batteries. Please select a model number above.

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  2. SB-HDWT-Content

    Weatherproof HD Wireless Transceiver - SB-HDWT


    The SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver (SB-HDWT) is a weatherproof, point-to-point wireless box that can transmit full 1080p HD up to 30 meters (or about 100 feet) line-of-sight (unobstructed path between sending and receiving antennas) via an HDMI-in and HDMI-out transceiver, creating a true, wireless outdoor TV experience. Enjoy a wireless connection to your HD cable/satellite box, HD set-top box, Blue Ray DVD, DV-R and, of course, your game console. Pair the HDWT with your favorite SunBriteTV model to create your custom, unique outdoor living space or outdoor entertainment setting. Take a look at how to install the Wireless HD Transceiver [Video]. Important Note: SB-HDWT is not compatible with 4K devices. Learn More
  3. SB-SP472-SL

    Sound Bar - Detachable, All-Weather - SB-SP472


    All-weather, detachable, 20 WATT Sound Bar for specific SunBriteTV and SunBriteDS models:
    • SB-S-43-4K
    • SB-3214HD
    • DS-3214TSL
    • SB-4217HD
    • DS-4217P
    • DS-4217TSL
    • DS-4217TSP
    • DS-4717P
    • DS-4717TSP
    • DS-4720P
    • DS-5517P
    • DS-5517TSP

    Learn More
  4. SB-SP22-BL

    Speaker - All-Weather, Detachable - SB-SP22


    Outdoor, detachable speaker module for digital signage models: DS-3214P and discontinued DS-3204P. This is a 10 WATT speaker bar designed to attach to the bottom of the monitor. Available in black or grey. Learn More
  5. SB-SP557-BL

    Sound Bar - All-Weather, Detachable - SB-SP557


    The SB-SP557 is an any-weather, outdoor, detachable 20 WATT sound bar for the following SunBriteTV outdoor TV and outdoor display models:
    • 55" Signature Series SB-S-55-4K
    • 65" Signature Series SB-S-65-4K
    • 47" Marquee Series DS-4720L (landscape mode only)
    • 47" Pro Series DS-4717TSL
    • 55" Pro Series DS-5517TSL
    • 55" Signature Series SB-5570HD (included with the TV purchase)
    • 65" Signature Series SB-6570HD (included with the TV purchase)
    Learn More
  6. SB-WR-01

    Standard Remote Control - WR-01


    Standard Remote Control for all current SunBriteTV models. Please select a model number below.

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  7. SB-DMP4655-SL

    46"/55"/65" Cable Cover Door - DMP46C


    Cable cover door upgrade! Internal media compartment with pocket and internal air flow to environmentally store a media player for 4610L, 4707P/L, 5510, 5507P/L, & 6560 SunBriteTVs. Adds cooling fans into cable compartment cabinet. - 24" x 7.6" x 1.4". For commercial use. Learn More
  8. SB-SEC32

    Security Kit for Wall Mount WM32 - SB-SEC32


    Security hardware kit compatible with mounts: WM32NA, WM32 and WM32D. Learn More
  9. SB-CMS0305S

    36" - 60" Extension Column - SB-CMS0305


    Adjustable extension column - 36" to 60". Compatible with 32", 46", 55" ceiling mounts. This item is pictured in silver, but also available in black. The product may still appear as silver after black is selected. Learn More

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