SunBriteTV Commercial Project Case Studies

Learn how SunBriteTV works together with integrators and venues to meet customer objectives and deliver successful projects, and explore which TVs businesses use for outside applications.

"Even with the extreme heat, we have not seen any LED panel failures. Most televisions wouldn't be able to withstand those temperatures. Obviously the SunBriteTV units are definitely working and cooling off properly." Ben Davis, Sound Impact

“Even though they’re 15 feet from the field, the  SunBriteTV displays bring the action even closer. Everyone keeps  telling me how they really complete the game‐day experience.” Nick Terruso, Director of Video Services, Ross‐Ade Stadium

"All of the displays are outdoors. The heat and strong winds here in Las Vegas get really bad in the summer. It was critical that we find displays that can deliver a vibrant and engaging image but still stand up to the environment." said Anthony Charles, Director of IT, Las Vegas Monorail.

"Cedar Fair's attention to customer service and the parks' varied environments demanced a dependable solution. We chose SunBriteTV because the displays were not only an aesthetic fit but because the weatherproofing technology guaranteed high performance in every climate," said Rusty Wagner, SVP, Reflect.

"As far as we're concerned, game time at Yard House is rain or shine," says Sheena Jacobs, Training & Music Designer at Yard House Restaurants. "SunBriteTV displays have proven reliable in all of our locations and they've enhanced our customers' experience."

“We were using another brand of outdoor displays when we discovered SunBriteTV several years ago,” said Jonathon Beitz, President of JAVI A/V LLC. “The SunBriteTV displays held up much better in the different outdoor environments we tested them in and we’ve stuck with them ever since.”

“The 69 new outdoor monitors installed in the Grandstand Terrace’s Rooftop Expansion are SunBriteTV LCD monitors of varying sizes; all of which are designed to display clear visuals despite extremes in outdoor lighting and weather conditions.”

"We wanted to keep the application as sleek and clean as possible," says Jerry Harris, Senior Director of Exhibits, Graphics, and AV Services. "The last thing we need to worry about is a waterproof housing solution that requires additional maintenance. The SunBriteTV displays have been running consistently since we've had them for five years."

"Beyond providing guests with crucial information such as various daily events and special exhibits, our displays give us the ability to advertise our sponsors and partners," said Charles Duncan, the Toronto Zoo’s Manager of Computer & Telecom Services. "We've replaced several competitor models with SunBriteTV displays over the years. They've been reliable throughout and a great success in achieving our energy neeeds."

“Having the SunBriteTV screens hanging from the bottom of the upper deck area allows our fans access to video they didn’t previously have, which is a critical part of the game-day experience,” says Justin Doherty, senior associate athletic director for the University of Wisconsin. “State-of-the-art broadcast facilities and a strong base of loyal season ticket holders are both important parts of the success Wisconsin has experienced with its football program."