Project Registration for SunBriteTV Resellers

The SunBriteTV Project Registration Program is intended to assist certified SunBriteTV Resellers who specify our products into their projects, creating demand for SunBriteTV products.


By submitting this Project Registration Request Form (and supporting documents detailing your project specification), you are stating that your company has originated the project and specified SunBriteTV as part of your overall system design for which you are requesting registration price protection.




1. In order to qualify for Project Registration purposes, the project will require a minimum onetime purchase of at least $50,000 MSRP, consisting of any mix of SunBriteTV display products. Projects smaller than the minimum amount here will not be considered for Registration.

2. The Reseller will submit their project registration form at the time of project specification. SunBriteTV will respond within two business days to each registration verifying whether the request is accepted and approved or not.

3. To be confirmed as the Specifying Reseller of Record, SunBriteTV must be able to verify that the project is a direct result of the submitting resellers' efforts in creating the original specification/proposal for SunBriteTV products. If the project registration is not accepted, SunBriteTV will provide reasons for non-acceptance.

4. Upon approval by SunBriteTV of a project registration request, pricing for that project will be provided to the Specifying Reseller of Record. The Registration pricing provided will be valid for that project only, and does not constitute special pricing granted to the reseller for other SunBriteTV products required for other projects.

SunBriteTV acknowledges that many of our resellers specify projects that may go out for bid. If the registering reseller loses the project yet SunBriteTV still wins, once proven by the reseller and/or SunBriteTV, the reseller will be awarded a monetary credit with SunBriteTV directly equaling the amount they would have received in additional discount for a future SunBriteTV purchase to be completed in the following 90 days. SunBriteTV may from time to time, request additional information to determine the validity of the request. SunBriteTV maintains the right to deny at any time an approved request if the project is found at a later date to be an open bid where the registering reseller did not specify SunBriteTV.


Submission of the project registration form shall not constitute acceptance by SunBriteTV and therefore the reseller, until verified by SunBriteTV management, shall not assume the granting of special pricing. This program is only eligible for certified SunBriteTV resellers in the US, and in good standing with SunBriteTV and/or our distributors.

Approved project registrations will include an expiration date equal to 90 days of the validity of any special pricing granted for the project. Projects with an expected close date longer than 90 days must be reregistered to qualify.