Outdoor Living, Outdoor TV Embraced Year-Round As Homeowners Plan for Upgrades in 2013

Outdoor Living, Outdoor TV Embraced Year-Round As Homeowners Plan for Upgrades in 2013

Dec 26th 2021

Outdoor Upgrades Part of Homeowners’ 2013 Budget

SunBriteTV.com Poll Finds Homeowners Ready to Embrace Outdoor Living and Outdoor TV as Home Improvements

Thousand Oaks, CA. Nov. 1, 2012 -- With a carefull eye still on household budget, a majority of homeowners responding to an online poll say they are ready to “release the grip” on some of their dollars to re-invest in their homes next year.

“We’re ready,” says Holly Osburn, Orlando, Florida. A couple in their 30’s, Holly and Chet say they cut-back on home upgrades over the past couple of years because of the economy. “We just felt better saving. We held back on extras for the house.”

But that trend seems to be reversing for homeowners who responded to a poll by outdoor HDTV builder SunBriteTV, LLC. A whopping 81% say they are planning home improvement projects in 2013.

Dee Morrison, a homeowner in Carmel, Indiana explains her strategy, “We did some improvement to an outdoor deck area. It’s turning out to be the living space we use most – even now, as the weather cools down. We’ve decided to improve it more. We’re adding an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor TV.

The Morrison family isn’t alone. According to the poll, other homeowners have outdoor TVs on their to-get lists.

What is the best location for an outdoor TV?

  • 45% say they’d put an outdoor HDTV on their deck as an upgrade.
  • 18% say they’d place an outside TV next to their BBQ, bar or outdoor kitchen.
  • 9% say "the patio."
  • 9% say "the pool."
  • 18% are unsure, but say "I’ll find a place."

And, as with the Morrison family, 80% of those polled say their immediate family and friends would benefit most from an all-weather, outdoor TV in their upgraded living space. Ten percent say their children would benefit most from a family outdoor TV. Another 10% claim the family pet would enjoy viewing TV outside. (Hmmmmm).

“We have a partially enclosed patio area that has become the hub of activity in our home,” says Osburn. “We wanted to spruce it up because we spend so much time there. Having a TV made specifically for outdoors will be the perfect fit. It rains here a lot, so we wanted something safe as well as stylish.”

Homeowners also revealed how much they plan to spend on home upgrades in 2013. Forty-five percent say they’ll spend up to $5,000, while 55% say they’ll spend between $5,000 and $25,000.

Eighty percent say they’ll spend most of their budget on indoor and outdoor living improvements, with 20% devoting their entire budgets to outdoor only.

“It’s usually too nice to go inside,” says Ron Wright of Colorado Springs, CO. “I like being outside in all weather - cold and rain, not just sunny days. I don’t mind spending some extra money on an outdoor living area. I think that’s the trend here.”


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