Unauthorized Retailers




Beware of Unauthorized Dealers or Retailers

We at SunBriteTV strongly recommend that you purchase your SunBriteTV - and outdoor TV accessories - from SunBriteTV.com or an authorized SunBriteTV dealer. Where can you buy an outdoor television? Our dealer locator provides a selection of the finest consumer electronics and installation professionals in the industry. This is the best way to ensure that you will have a safe and satisfactory sales and service experience.

If you purchase from an unauthorized reseller there are NO GUARANTEES:
  1. No Service Warranty. SunBriteTV does not honor warranty claims on product purchased through unauthorized dealers.
  2. No guarantee that you are buying a NEW UNIT. Many unauthorized dealers advertise refurbished or used products as “new”. If the offer seems too good to be true - you may be buying a used product.
  3. No guarantee that the product contains all of the included accessories (remote, cover, manual, etc.).
  4. No guarantee that the unit is REALLY A SunBriteTV. There are a number of “so called” outdoor TVs that are actually refurbished used indoor TVs. If the offer seems too good to be true - it probably is - and you may not even be buying a SunBriteTV.
  5. No guarantee that your transaction will not end in credit card fraud.

Why take a chance? Buy direct from SunBriteTV.com or from one of our authorized dealers or resellers - and feel confident with a true SunBriteTV - the original leader in outdoor television.