SunBriteTV Care & Other Tips





Do not install the television in areas with direct sunlight on the face of the TV. The liquid crystal absorbs UV rays from the sun and can turn black. The solution to this is to re-adjust the angle of the television away from the direct sunlight. Heat is not a factor. Please see the installation guide included with your manual.

The Filter

Periodically check and clean the blue fiber filter in the back of the unit. Certain areas produce more dust and the filters can easily be cleaned by washing them with warm water and soap and leaving them to air dry overnight. Please do not dry the filter with a towel, as you will cause it to collapse.

Can an Outdoor TV Get Wet?

When used in areas near salt water or near chlorinated pools, please rinse off the TV with water once a month. Drying it with a micro fiber cloth would also be helpful. In other areas, rinsing it when dirty helps to maintain the beauty of the television.

RS232 Control Codes

RS232 control codes for SunBriteTV [PDF].

HEX Codes

Chart of SunBriteTV HEX codes [PDF].