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  1. SB-TS657-BL

    Table Top Stand for 65" Outdoor TV - SB-TS657


    All-weather, outdoor table-top stand designed for the SunBriteTV 65" Signature Series SB-6570HD. A perfect companion to securely hold upright your new 65" outdoor HDTV. Rust-proof and any-weather ready. Learn More
  2. SB-DC657 Front

    Premium Dust Cover SB-DC657 for 65" SB-6570


    Protect your 65" Signature Series outdoor television when not in use with premium dust cover - SB-DC657. The cover is constructed with weather resistant UV protective fabric and tailored to fit and guard the SB-6570HD LED screen from unexpected bumps & dings. Complete with attractive, embroidered SunBriteTV logo, this cover will compliment any stylish outdoor living area. Learn More
  3. SB-SS47-BL Black

    Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit - SB-SS47


    Our 47" Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit is an outdoor digital signage solution -- a cost-effective alternative to installing an expensive monument-style kiosk. Secure your 47" SunBriteDS outdoor digital signage display or SunBriteTV weatherproof HDTV with this NEW all-weather, anti-theft, protective shroud cover - SB-SS47. Protects your outside displays and HDTVs from unwanted tampering and vandalism. Exclusively designed & engineered for landscape models SB-4717HD, DS-4717TSL and DS-4720L (sold separately). The Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit is available in black, grey or white. The 47" Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit includes:
    • a completely weatherproof deck pole (SB-DP46XA)
    • display/TV mount (SB-WM46NA)
    • protective shroud cover assembly
    • exclusive design security wrench (aka "fastener tool")
    • warranty
    Constructed of rust-proof industrial-strength, 12-gauge powder-coated aluminum with heavy-duty stainless steel security fasteners. Perfect for outdoor venues with heavy foot-traffic, such as stadiums, amusement parks, hotels and resorts. Easy to install and designed for permanent outdoor applications. Learn More
  4. SB-SP472-SL

    Sound Bar - Detachable, All-Weather - SB-SP472


    All-weather, detachable, 20 WATT Sound Bar for specific SunBriteTV and SunBriteDS models:
    • SB-S-43-4K
    • SB-3214HD
    • DS-3214TSL
    • SB-4217HD
    • DS-4217P
    • DS-4217TSL
    • DS-4217TSP
    • DS-4717P
    • DS-4717TSP
    • DS-4720P
    • DS-5517P
    • DS-5517TSP

    Learn More
  5. SB-TS551-BL

    Table Top Stand for 55" 5518HD - SB-TS551


    The SB-TS551 is an all-weather table-top stand for 55" outdoor TV model SB-5518HD ... and all-weather digital signage model DS-5518TSL. This sturdy little stand holds your new 55" outdoor TV upright (model SB-5518HD only) - and provides an elegant touch that does not distract from on-screen viewing. Available in silver, black or white to match your TV. This stand is also compatible with the SunBriteDS outdoor digital signage model - DS-5518TSL. With this stand, you can easily move your TV - or touch-screen signage model - to accommodate your guests or customers. Learn More
  6. SB-HDWT-Content

    Weatherproof HD Wireless Transceiver - SB-HDWT


    The SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver (SB-HDWT) is a weatherproof, point-to-point wireless box that can transmit full 1080p HD up to 30 meters (or about 100 feet) line-of-sight (unobstructed path between sending and receiving antennas) via an HDMI-in and HDMI-out transceiver, creating a true, wireless outdoor TV experience. Enjoy a wireless connection to your HD cable/satellite box, HD set-top box, Blue Ray DVD, DV-R and, of course, your game console. Pair the HDWT with your favorite SunBriteTV model to create your custom, unique outdoor living space or outdoor entertainment setting. Take a look at how to install the Wireless HD Transceiver [Video]. Important Note: SB-HDWT is not compatible with 4K devices. Learn More
  7. SB-DC461NA

    Premium Dust Cover for 46" / 47" / 49" Outdoor TV - DC461NA


    Premium, all-weather dust cover SB-DC461NA is designed for select SunBriteTV & SunBriteDS models. Above, select your TV model number and quantity. Find your TV model number (or serial number) on a white sticker inside the cable compartment door on the back of the TV - either under the SunBriteTV logo or the first 4 digits under the bar code. See this example. The SB-DC461NA cover accommodates non-articulating & articulating wall mounts and helps keep your 46", 47" or 49" (landscape orientation only) outdoor TV screen clean & scratch-free. The cover protects the finish and adds longevity to your outdoor TV use. Learn More
  8. SB-WM46

    42"/43"/46"/49"/55"/65" Articulating Mount - SB-WM46


    The SB-WM46 articulating wall mount can tilt, swivel and pan ... and includes stainless steel, zinc-plated hardware. The mount arm extends 17". A supportive, any-weather companion mount to SunBriteTV models:
    • 42"
    • 43"
    • 46"
    • 47"
    • 49"
    • 55"
    • 65"
    For landscape models only - not for portrait-mode digital signage units. The SB-WM46 is all-weather, rust-proof and guaranteed for life. The color of this mount is "graphite" - closer to gray than black. Learn More
  9. SB-WM46NA

    42"/43"/46"/49"/55"/65" Non-Articulating Mount - WM46NA


    Rugged, non-articulating flat wall mount for SunBriteTV 42", 43", 46", 47", 49", 55" and 65" models (landscape models only, not for portrait-orientation digital display models), including:
    • SB-4217HD
    • SB-S-43-4K
    • SB-4374UHD
    • SB-4670HD
    • SB-4917HD
    • SB-5570HD
    • SB-S-55-4K
    • SB-5574UHD
    • SB-5518HD
    • SB-5517HD
    • DS-5517TSL
    • SB-6570HD
    • SB-S-65-4K
    • SB-6574UHD
    All-weather, rust-proof and created specifically for SunBriteTV, the WM46NA wall mount includes a lifetime guarantee - offering confidence that this mount will be a long-time, supportive companion for your new outdoor TV. Includes stainless steel hardware. NOTE: The color of this mount is "graphite" - closer to gray than black. Learn More
  10. SB-WM32D

    32" Dual Arm Articulating Wall Mount - WM32D


    All-weather flat-panel wall mount for SunBriteTV 32" models. Includes a life-time guarantee. Learn More

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