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How do I get HD content to my SunBriteTV?
  • Hard wire

SunBriteTVs are typically utilized in situations where the video source is located inside the residence or a secure weather-safe location near the SunBriteTV.

An HDMI cable is a good solution for connections less than 30 ft.; for longer distances we recommend using powered baluns.

Baluns are replacements for HDMI or component cables. They use a transmitter and receiver combination which uses Cat5/Cat6 computer network cables from inside a house or building to the SunBriteTV, which is typically farther than the recommended run for an HDMI or component cable. We recommend powered baluns only, which will require power on both the HD source and the SunBriteTV.

A benefit of using the Cat5/Cat6 cable is that it can be cut to length for the installation so the installation will not result in an extra cable behind the HD source or TV or a cable that is too short to provide a service loop for the HD source or TV. There are also varieties of finished Cat5/Cat6 cables for those not comfortable terminating cables.

We recommend a balun system which uses a single Cat5/Cat6 cable using HDbaseT.

The receiver portion and power supply can usually be installed into the rear cable access door of the SunBriteTV. (Consult the balun data sheet for receiver device dimensions).

SunBriteTV all-weather televisions work with a variety of IR Extenders and baluns systems.

Some recommended brands for powered baluns and IR extenders are SnapAV and Monoprice 8122 Balun.

  • HD Wireless

SunBriteTV’s new wireless HD transceiver is the best solution to your wireless HD needs. The setup consists of a signal broadcaster plugged into a video source via HDMI and the receiver connected to the SunBriteTV. You will need power at both ends.

This will allow you to wirelessly transmit video and audio signal from your video device - cable box, satellite box, Blu Ray player, etc. - directly to your SunBriteTV. The wireless HD transceiver has a built-in IR emitter, allowing control from remote to device to change channels, skip ahead, pause or stop.

The wireless box allows for full 1080p HD signal to be transmitted 100' (feet) line of sight (unobstructed path between sending and receiving antennas).

Wireless Weatherproof HD Transceiver

SunBriteTV Weatherproof Wireless HD Transceiver


How can I control my HD source?

Many HD baluns also have built in IR repeater. The Cat5/Cat6 to HDMI receiver at the TV end has a plugin IR receiver which can be mounted on or near the SunBriteTV. The Cat5/Cat6 to HDMI transmitter at the HD source has an IR emitter which is installed on or near the IR receiver window on your HD source device.

If you plan to use a standard HDMI cable, an IR Extender/Repeater is the solution to controlling the HD source.

An IR Extender/Repeater is a device which connects both to your SunBriteTV through the placement of an IR receiver on or near the SunBriteTV, then extended to on your HD source and to your video source, such as a cable box, via receiver. This device allows you to point your cable box remote control directly at the installed IR receiver and control your HD source. This is called a wired system.

A recommended IR Extender/Repeater is available from

SunBriteTV does not recommend placing our products inside another enclosure. Our weatherproof televisions are designed to withstand outdoor elements and can overheat if installed improperly inside an unventilated enclosure. Improper installation can impact the performance of the display. If a problem does occur as a result of improper installation, the expense to correct may be the responsibility of the customer.

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