First there were SunBriteTV outdoor TVs … now outdoor digital signage displays and all-weather, interactive touch screen monitors are included in SunBriteTV’s expanded product offerings. From backyard, patio and pool-side outdoor living to commercial grade quality that enables businesses to engage with customers, SunBriteTV continues to relentlessly define and refine durable, outdoor TV products – a unique niche in the consumer electronics space.

SunBriteTV’s Tom Weaver – one of the original founders of the company, and top engineer from day-one – shares his insight on SunBriteTV’s direction and technology in the following Q & A.

    Question: Tom, tell us about SunBriteTV’s latest line for commercial use. What are the differences between the new Marquee Series products and other SunBriteTV models?

    Answer: “SunBriteTV’s Marquee Series offers all the features a commercial user could want. We’ve got 3 sizes, 32, 47 and 55 inch models in Landscape or Portrait orientation. Each of those can be ordered with an optional DST touchscreen which works even in the rain or snow. All of them incorporate high bright LCD panels designed for direct sun installation. This means the image won’t disappear due to solar heating. Optional Corning ‘Gorilla Glass’ can be ordered with the Marquee series to give maximum protection to the screen in very demanding installations.”

    Q: What’s the top advantage of owning a SunBriteTV?

    A: “As a business? Lower cost of ownership. SunBriteTVs are designed to last in outdoor settings and will deliver your important message or entertainment rain or shine. And as a general consumer – for use in the backyard, deck, patio, or pool-side – peace of mind knowing that your SunBriteTV will be ready to deliver your sporting event or whatever else you want to watch in any weather conditions.”

    Q: What would you say to someone who insists on placing an indoor TV outside?

    A: “Please go ahead and do it. You will quickly get used to the experience of watching sports and shows outside and will want to do it as often as you can. You will probably call SunBriteTV after you indoor TV fails due to exposure the elements. You will eventually become a SunBriteTV customer after experiencing the frustration that comes with using an indoor TV outdoors and worrying if it is going to work the next time you want to watch it.”

    Q: What excites you most about SunBriteTV products?

    A: “SunBriteTV’s products are designed and assembled in California where outdoor living is our way of life. SunBriteTVs are not re-purposed indoor TVs with baffles and shields glued on to get some protection against the weather, like some competitors. We design our TVs to withstand the harshest of climates and build them from high quality components specifically fabricated to withstand the outdoor environment. I’m excited that SunBriteTV products look, feel and perform to the highest standards.”

SunBriteTV is constantly innovating with new features – from near-future wireless integration to custom color and media player options available NOW for commercial orders. Contact SunBriteTV Commercial Solutions for more information.

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