Overview of SunBriteTVs – Outdoor TV

SunBriteTV now has three lines of all-weather outdoor televisions: Signature, PRO, and Marquee Series. So what’s the difference between them? Here’s a quick overview:

Signature Series

Take all of the great weather proof abilities of the old SunBrite—resistance to rain, snow, humidity, salt air, dust, insects, extreme heat and cold, water proof cable entry door, internal cooling fans and so on. Trade out the power coated aluminum bezels (a fancy word for outer casings) for ASA rated resin bezels, and eliminate the front protective glass, and—voila—you’ve got a killer line of outdoor TVs that are 40% lower in price than the original.

To wrap-up, the Signature Series TVs

  • have an ASA-rated Resin exterior.
  • have no glass in front of the LCD panel.
  • can operate at temperatures down to -24 degrees F.
  • the 65″ LED model has a powder-coated aluminum exterior and detachable speaker.
  • tech & engineering updates create a 40% lower price.
  • models available in black, silver or white.
  • available in 32″, 46″, 55″, 65″.

See all SunBriteTV models here.

PRO Series

This is the original recipe SunBriteTV. Your bump-up from the Signature Models: powder-coated aluminum bezels versus resin bezels, front protective tempered glass, and built-in heaters that allow these puppies to operate down to -40 degrees F. The PRO sets are industrial strength and built like a tank. During a recent product review, a PRO Series 4610HD was shot with paintball guns, abused by a bear, set on fire 4 times, and shot (from the rear) with a 9mm pistol—and STILL WORKED. Perfect for commercial applications or families that have really wild parties.

So, the Pro Series TVs include…

  • a powder-coated aluminum exterior.
  • anti-reflective glass.
  • built-in heaters.
  • can operate at temperatures of -40 degrees F.
  • come with detachable speakers.
  • models available in black, silver or white.
  • available in 22″, 32″, 46″, 55″.
  • Tip: the PRO Series is recommended if placing the TV in an active setting – such as a pool or volleyball court. Why? Flying objects such as frisbees or volleyballs could hit and damage the TV screen. The glass in the Pro Series models is less costly to replace.

Marquee Series

Take the built-like-a-tank PRO Series and add something really, really cool — the TV’s ability to work in strong, direct sunlight without going into isotropic “blackout.” All the commercial guys who do digital signage can tell you that it’s a complicated chemical thing that happens to LCD displays when placed in direct sunlight. (More details here). SunBriteTV solved the problem by adding extra-bright, special heat resistant 700 NIT LCD panels, and developed a proprietary technology Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST). This means you can set the Marquee models anywhere outside — even in bright, sunny areas.

Although designed and engineered as a commercial “digital signage” solution, the Marquee Series can also be utilized as the ultimate outdoor TV for your backyard, patio or deck .

  • Available in black, silver or white.
  • In 55″ or 47″.
  • Landscape or portrait orientation.