‘Where can I place my new outdoor TV?’




‘Where can I place my new outdoor TV?’

‘Where can I place my new outdoor TV?’

SunBriteTV expert tips & advice on creating an outdoor living space

TV by the pool? Great idea! TV in the garage? You bet. Patio TV, deck TV ... watch the game while grilling outside with friends? Yes, yes and wouldn’t-have-it-any-other-way.

Are there special televisions for outside? 

There are plenty of options to get the best outdoor living and outdoor entertaining with your new SunBriteTV. We’ve seen amazing custom installations by our authorized dealers, and we’ve seen awesome outdoor TV settings by home-owners with their own audio/visual direction.

In this blog post, SunBriteTV experts share wisdom and advice about mounting and positioning your outdoor television for complete, long-term enjoyment.


Outdoor TV Living


Pool-side is always a popular placement location for a SunBriteTV. We’re on-board with that, but keep in mind a few safety tips.

“Get a GFCI outlet, a ground-fault current interrupting outlet,” advises SunBriteTV engineer Larry Benson. “It’s pretty standard and a best-use outlet for outdoor installations of any kind.”

Keep the TV away from standing water. A good rule-of-thumb is to keep the TV at least six feet away from pools of water. Some call it the “MC Hammer” rule. The TV should be placed far enough away so that - if you’re standing in water - then “u can’t touch this!”


poolside TV

Outdoor TV at least 6 feet away from the pool.


You can also check your city or county’s electrical code to understand any additional requirements.

Pick a location for your outdoor TV away from festive, running children, who may have a habit of tossing objects around, such as Frisbees, volleyballs, pool toys.

Although, as this video by Digital Trends details, SunBriteTV can handle a lot of abuse:


No Indoor TVs Please

Can I use an indoor television outside? 

Don’t try Digital Trends’ experiments with your indoor TV. Placing your indoor TV outside is not safe. Even on a perfect day, just one splash from the neighbor’s lawn sprinkler can zap an indoor TV into oblivion … and possibly cause an electric shock to someone near it.


Outdoor TV Over the Fireplace


Nothing says “comfy” better than an outdoor TV over the fireplace in your outdoor living area.

Enjoy cool evenings binge-watching your favorite shows, or hosting your friends with game-and-grill events during football, baseball or golf season.

How do you mount TV to an outdoor fireplace? 

A good rule to follow is to keep the TV at least 3 feet away from a small flame.  You may want to go the extra step and measure the heat temperature at the location of where the TV will be placed.

For example, our NEW, slim design 46" LED Signature Series outdoor HDTV 4670HD can operate in temps up to 122 degrees F. Place a thermometer in the area above the fireplace to make sure the temp is not above 122 degrees for an extended length of time.

SunBriteTVs can handle any dust or smoke that might rise, and our special cleaning solution can wipe off the screen of any possible fireplace residue.

Best outdoor-TV-meets-fireplace installations include having the TV in a recessed area for added protection, like this:


Outdoor TV over the fireplace.

Courtesy Creative Audio/Video, St. Louis, MO



Outdoor TV Mounts


How do I mount a SunBrite TV? 

First, make sure the material you are mounting your TV to is strong enough to support the total weight of the TV and mount over a long period of time. Standard dry-wall may be too flimsy.

There are mounting guidelines in every SunBriteTV operator’s manual included with each TV ... or you can read manuals online at SunBriteTV.com. Manuals are located on each TV product page, under the Manuals & Tech tab near the bottom of the page.

Permanent Outdoor TV

SunBriteTVs are designed and engineered for permanent outdoor placement. Complete with outdoor-rated ASA high-impact resin, or powder coated aluminum exteriors, air-flow systems created to withstand extreme temperatures and specially sealed compartments to keep water, dust and crawly things outside of your outside TV.

When seeking a permanent outdoor place for your SunBriteTV, Benson suggests, “Consider using an articulating mount with your outdoor TV.” SunBriteTV weatherproof articulating mounts allow the TV to slightly pull away from the wall it’s mounted to - and angle from side to side.

“Having the flexibility to slightly angle or adjust the TV is a big advantage to the viewer." Benson adds that often people watching TV outside change their position – to move away from the sun or to mingle with other people, and the articulating mount allows the screen to shift and still face its viewers.

Another tip offered: consider placing your outdoor TV screen facing north, so the sun is always behind it. Along with an articulating mount, this placement combo will allow optimal viewing all day and night.

If "screen facing north" isn't an option, consider placing the TV under an awning or overhang.

Non-articulating mounts are a great option, as well, if you know the TV placement is needed in a static position ... for example, over an outdoor fireplace or within a cozy nook in your outdoor kitchen.

“Other options are pole or ceiling mounts,” advises Benson. “In some cases, if you don’t want to drill into a wall or if it’s not supportive enough.” In those cases, Benson has seen custom installations using a pole mount along with an articulating or non-articulating mount. The idea is to add the pole extension to a concrete area in the ground – a patio, a deck – or create an area in a yard or outdoor space to pour concrete into, and then place the pole in the concrete. The results: a unique “stand-alone” placement for your outdoor television.


Pole mounted SunBriteTV

Pole mounted SunBriteTV by Audio Toyz, CA.


“With ceiling mounts, just make sure the ceiling or the beam can support the weight of the TV along with the mount.” All mounting instructions are included in the operator’s manual of each SunBriteTV.

Ceiling mounts offer even more flexibility. They allow tilting and angle adjustments while keeping the TV out of the way of “foot traffic” or off of furniture.


Ceiling mount your SunBriteTV.

Ceiling “hang” your outdoor TV. HiFi House Group, PA.


Ceiling mounts work great for outdoor TVs placed in cafes, restaurants, commercial outdoor venues. This type of placement keeps the TV out of the way of the customer while allowing optimal viewing by as many people as possible.


Outdoor entertaining. Ceiling mounts keep the TVs visible and out of the way.

Outdoor entertaining. Ceiling mounts keep the TVs visible and out of the way.


The right mount needs the right fastener. Fasteners also need to support the TV’s weight and effectively work with the wall or structure where the TV will be mounted. You can find fasteners online, Home Depot or other DIY stores.

And, once in place, what about connecting your SunBriteTV to get your “game on?" - we cover that here.


April 10, 2014