SunBriteTV Turns Outdoor TV to Commercial-Grade Digital Signage, Touch Screen and All-Weather HDTV Solutions for Business




SunBriteTV Turns Outdoor TV to Commercial-Grade Digital Signage, Touch Screen and All-Weather HDTV Solutions for Business

“We’ve kicked it up a notch … and we’re excited about the results.”

What excites SunBriteTV CEO Cameron Hill are new features available to SunBriteTV customers in need of specialized outdoor television and communication products.

“Hotels, restaurants, stadiums, theme parks, transportation and any application where advertising, messaging, way finding or touch screen ordering is required,” adds Hill.

Use of weatherproof TV and outdoor signage display is especially appealing to large venues, says Hill. “Stadiums for example. Our outdoor solutions range from installing way finding TVs in parking lot areas to concession locations, with the objective of driving food and beverage revenue.”


SunBriteTV at Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL.



The latest features of SunBriteTV products for commercial use range from custom colors to improved power cords.

“We now offer the Marquee and Pro Series models in a variety of colors with a minimum order of 25 units per color,” says Hill. The custom color option is perfect for schools, colleges, stadiums who want to show off their team colors, or for any venue seeking a consistent theme or brand experience for their own customers.

An updated feature of the Marquee Series models: the power cord has been redesigned to disconnect three feet from the TV ... and has been extended from 9 feet to 12 feet.

For further protection against vandalism or general wear-and-tear in high-traffic areas, Corning® Gorrilla® Glass will be available as an option in the Marquee and Pro Series by Q4 of this year.

Commercial outdoor displays are typically designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, but, what about the often required media players and the other electronic accessories that are part of a digital signage or outdoor HDTV installation?

SunBriteTVs provide a climate controlled space to accommodate various after-market devices like media players and closed circuit network receivers out of harm’s way. The compartments are protected by marine grade neoprene gaskets that keep the elements from affecting sensitive electronics.

What are the best tvs for outside? 

SunBriteTV outdoor HDTVs, digital signage displays and touch screen monitors are designed, engineered and built as true outdoor TVs in Thousand Oaks, CA.

SunBriteTV products include bright screens with a high haze feature to reduce glare and reflection – a feature that indoor TVs do not provide.

“We’re not an indoor TV that’s been re-purposed,” adds Hill, and offers that installing units specifically built for outdoors – to withstand extreme cold or extreme heat – is a long-term operating benefit to businesses.

See more benefits of our all-weather, outdoor TV and signage solutions:


For information about our line of outdoor TV products for commercial use, contact SunBriteTV Commercial Sales.


August 15, 2013
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