SunBriteTV All-Weather Signage Display, Touch Screens, Outdoor TV for Commercial Use – Some Tech Talk

SunBriteTV All-Weather Signage Display, Touch Screens, Outdoor TV for Commercial Use – Some Tech Talk

What are the best weather proof TVs?  SunBriteTV outdoor TVs are not only comfortable hanging out by the backyard pool, patio and deck … they are also crafted and designed for business use. You’ll find SunBriteTV wowing sports fans in Tampa Bay Stadium, Florida, Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY and other pro sports venues.

We also celebrate happy-hour at Three Sixty Rooftop Bar in St. Louis. MO and help sell tickets at Shoreline Amphitheatre – Live Nation, Mountain View, CA.

SunBriteTV at Three Sixty Rooftop Bar, St. Louis, MO

SunBriteTV outdoor-friendly technology and weatherproof features are created with tough-use in mind. Our premium, award-winning Marquee Series Digital Signage display and Touch Screen monitors are all-weather solutions for a variety of outdoor venues: cafes, airports, theme parks & attractions – anywhere instruction, information or interaction is needed to reach an audience on the move.

Direct from our team of engineers, the following are key features of SunBriteTV – Marquee Series for commercial use:

Anti-reflective Glass

An anti-reflective tempered glass window protects the screen from the weather and vandals. It provides contrast enhancement for an improved outdoor viewing experience. An innovative mounting scheme allows the front frame holding the glass to be easily removed and reinstalled in so that both sides of the glass can be cleaned.

High Bright, High Temp 110 TNI Panels

The SunBriteTV Marquee Series incorporates high brightness LCD panels offering improved image quality in direct sun exposure without going isotropic. Most LCD panels, when the sun shines directly on the panel for an extended period of time, will exhibit isotropic behavior, meaning the image becomes dark and eventually fades away. When the sun exposure is removed, the image returns and there is no damage to the panel. SunBriteTV’s Marquee Series has been designed to eliminate this behavior and are the choice for digital signage applications in direct sun.

Media Doors and Gaskets

Commercial outdoor displays are typically designed to withstand the rigors outdoor life. Most offerings include weatherproof enclosures, heating and cooling systems and protective windows. But, what about the often required media players and the other electronic accessories that are part of a commercial installation? Where do those get mounted? How are they protected? SunBriteTV’s products provide commercial customers with a climate controlled space where they can install various after-market devices like media players and closed circuit network receivers out of harm’s way. The compartments are protected by marine grade neoprene gaskets that keep the elements from affecting sensitive electronics.

Multi-Fan Airflow System, Heating and Filtration

Controlling the internal environment in an outdoor display is required for long-life and trouble-free operation. SunBriteTV accomplishes this by providing an attractive and robust all-weather enclosure that protects the TV’s internal components from the effects of the outdoor environment. A proprietary airflow slot arrangement around the perimeter of the screen bezel functionally provides airflow both in front of and behind the LCD screen to aid in heating and cooling and provides an attractive and unique look to the product. The intelligent forced air cooling system keeps the internal temperatures under control in hot environments and incorporates an easy to clean long-life filter that keeps out dust, insects and moisture. An internal heating system warms the unit in cold climates and controls condensation in humid environments. Heating and cooling system intelligence is provided by SunBriteTV’s proprietary electronics hardware and software.

See the SunBriteTV complete line of Marquee Series signage, touch screen and outdoor TV solutions.

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