SunBriteTV Adds Wireless HD Transceiver Option to Outdoor TV Models

SunBriteTV Adds Wireless HD Transceiver Option to Outdoor TV Models

Outdoor TV State-of-the-Art Wireless HD Transceiver Now Available

Want to enjoy your indoor TV viewing options with your new SunBriteTV outdoor TV? Can do! SunBriteTV has just announced its latest product – the SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver (SB-HDWT).

A weatherproof, point-to-point wireless box that can transmit full 1080p HD up to 30 meters – or about 100 feet, unobstructed path between sending and receiving antennas – via an HDMI-in and HDMI-out transceiver, creating a true, wireless outdoor TV experience.

New! SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver for Outdoor TV

How do you watch tv outside with wireless?  This SunBriteTV “box” enables a wireless connection to your HD cable/satellite box, HD set-top box, Blue Ray DVD, DV-R and, of course, your game console. The receiving unit can be mounted on a wall or an external bracket on your SunBriteTV … see all tech specs below.

New Outdoor TV Home for Media Players


Available soon! The SunBriteTV HD Media Enclosure is an all-weather “compartment” designed to hold different media players, such as Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. You won’t miss your streaming favorites on Netflix while grilling on the patio or entertaining on your deck. The state-of-the-art enclosure design includes IR transparent material – a convenience that allows control of media players at the TV location (outside), with a remote. No need to run into the house to change programs. Nice!

SunBriteTV Media Enclosure for Outdoor TV. Views: closed and open with media player tucked in & protected.

The enclosure can be mounted to a wall or on your SunBriteTV with an available bracket.

The SunBriteTV HD Media Enclosure (SB-HDME) includes:

  • Plastic enclosure – IR transparent – smoked black and weatherproof
  • 15 foot power extension cord (enclosure installed within 15 feet of your SunBriteTV)
  • 15 foot HDMI cable
  • Velcro straps for holding the media player inside

The HD Wireless Transceiver (SB-HDWT) is available now … and the SunBriteTV HD Media Enclosure (SB-HDME) will soon be available. Pair with a SunBriteTV model or order individually on

SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver Specifications (Product SB-HDWT)

Supported video resolution 1080p,720p,1080i,576p,480p
HDMI Interface Supports HDMI video-audio format and HDCP2.0 with video encryption
Transmission Distance 30 meters line of Sight (LOS)
Operating Frequencies 4.9~5.9GHz (with DFS function)
Bandwidth 40MHz
Frequency Stability +/-4ppm
Transmission Power >=12dBm      |     >=17dBm
Receiving Sensitivity <=-75dBm     |     <=-65dBm
System Latency
Antenna Omni-directional internal antennas
Supporting Link Speeds 2.5Gbps
Certification CE、FCC、RoHS
Regulations WHDI1.0
Power Supplies AC 100~240V,5V 2.5ADC Power Adapter
IR Function 3.5mm jack plug, External IR, Transmitter Eye   |    Built-in Infrared Remote-control Receiver Module
Working temperature 0℃~70℃
Dimensions 9 ¾ X 8 ½ X 2 ¼
Weight 1100g