Waterproof TVs Built for the Outdoors

Some people aren’t even aware it exists. Behold, the outdoor TV:

Captivating outdoor TV

Keep your party or event mesmerized with a TV built to be outside.

Not just any ol’ indoor TV thrown outside. THAT would be dangerous. But a television designed, engineered and crafted for a permanent home in an outdoor living space – a patio, deck, outside kitchen, pool area. A TV designed to withstand rain, snow, heat, cold, salt air, insects, paint-balls and bears, and still keep its savvy look.

A 4-star rating by Gadget Review, included as “Gear to Rule the Tailgate” by Maxim, featured as a “top gadget” on NBC’s Today Show, called “a fantastic add-on to your home entertainment ecosystem” by Home Theater magazine — SunBriteTV outdoor TVs have their fans and kudos. Well-known within the consumer-electronics industry, but little known to the casual consumer, SunBriteTV is now making its mark on home entertainment, home improvement and just plain fun-at-home activities for consumers who were previously unaware that they really CAN have a TV outside – and feel safe about it. Yes, Virginia, there really are TVs imagined, engineered and created for outdoors!

Homeowners who venture outside with their inside TVs usually get a surprise if the climate or outdoor conditions change suddenly. Even a quick splash from the neighbors’ sprinkler is enough to zap sensitive indoor TVs.

“Most all indoor TVs have slots on top for convection cooling,“ explains Larry Benson, SunBriteTV engineer. “As soon as you get water into it … in the electronics and LCD, it will fail … good night!”

To counter indoor TVs’ obvious design challenges, SunBriteTV all-weather, rain-proof TVs are protected within a water-tight, sealed environment, complete with air-flow systems to keep the units operating, even in extreme outside temperatures up to 122 degrees F. and down to -24 degrees F. Brrrr.


SunBriteTVs undergo hours of rain, water tests to ensure durability.

And the icing on the cake, SunBriteTVs are designed to impress … with well-thought details that catch the eye, a bright screen that engages an audience, and a rugged durability that inspires confidence in the TV’s owner.

This is a great time to introduce yourself – and your deck, patio or pool area – to a SunBriteTV. Receive a cash-back rebate up to $600 on our Signature Series models. From a 32” LCD to our remarkable 65” LED.

These models are available in white, silver or black, to fit perfectly within your outdoor living area. Purchase a Signature Series SunBriteTV before our holiday rebate ends, Dec. 31, 2012.