An Active September for Outdoor TV & SunBriteTV

An Active September for Outdoor TV & SunBriteTV

Lots going on this month at SunBriteTV – true, and now best, anytime outdoor TV.  From a Today Show live TV appearance to trade show awards, here’s a wrap-up of recent activities and events.


You may have seen SunBriteTV in the news over the past few weeks. Earlier this month, we attended CEDIA-2012 in Indianapolis, IN — a gathering of consumer electronics’ finest minds and products. Our waterfall, water-proof TV display & SunBrite bar attracted a lot of attention (wonder why?).

During the CEDIA conference, two SunBriteTV products were presented with top awards, including:

  • Our 65” LED outdoor HDTV (6560HD) won Residential Systems magazine’s Residential Systems Award for Best AV Player/Server.

Kudos to the SunBriteTV design and engineering teams for their brilliant product work.


NBC’s Today Show declared SunBriteTV a top gadget for football tailgaters! On live TV, Sept. 21, Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong put a 32″ HDTV to the test by pouring water over the running TV. See the Today Show video segment here (SunBriteTV is about 2:37 in).  We’ve also posted some behind-the-scenes pics from our Today Show appearance on our Facebook page.

Maxim online listed SunBriteTV as a “gear to have” for the tailgate party.  No serious football fan would be without a rugged, outdoor TV to watch from the party parking lot.

Online luxury & lifestyle magazine, The Life of Luxury, featured SunBriteTV as a year-round, all-weather outdoor TV entertainment experience. Noting that SunBriteTV is “professional grade” and used in pro sports stadiums around the country: Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Soldier Field. Anyone can have the same high-quality, durable TV permanently installed on their outdoor patio, deck or outside kitchen. Now that’s style!

Wright’s Sound Gallery picked-up on SunBriteTV’s Marquee Series’ EST technology, while paying tribute to Bruce Springsteen. Enhanced Solar Tolerance is what allows Marquee digital signage to stare at the sun without blinking or going dark – a challenge for most outdoor digital signage products.

You’ll hear more about us soon. SunBriteTV is dedicated to reach new levels of excellence in outdoor TV design & production for all of our customers and partners.